Bad Art Comics

Welcome to Bad Art Comics!

Here you'll find a collection of comics from the quirky imagination of Canadian artist, Matt Carson.

‚ÄčBoris Got Out follows the daily antics of Matt's dog, Boris, while he roams the house, fends off boredom, and attempts to escape - maybe with a little help. The main characters of Boris' life personified in cartoon form, you get to see Matt, friends and family, from the point of view of the kind, slobbery, huge, lovable mutt!

Humanity Ltd. provides a lens for all to view the world with the cynical and sarcastic slant which Matt suffers through on a daily basis. Depicting human kind as mostly zombies, jackasses, douchebags, and morons, with the odd bright spot thrown in. We're all one of the above sometimes, it's OK to admit it. Go ahead. Admit it. 

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Please enjoy!